Big Vegan-More Than 350 Recipes -Robin Asbell

by Jack Sparrow
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Acknowledgments I’d like to thank my sweetheart, Stan, for accompanying me on this and all my journeys. As always, my family and friends were a source of joy and support in the work of making this book. My agent, Jennifer Griffin, was invaluable as an editor, advisor, and hand-holder, and I am truly grateful. All the wonderful people at Chronicle Books made the process fun and contributed to the final product in ways great and small. Special thanks to Bill LeBlond, Amy Treadwell, Doug Ogan, Alice Chau, Tera Killip, Peter Perez, and David Hawk, who brought the book to life. My recipe testers—Lisa Genis, Crystal Grobe, Marge Porter, Liz Nerud, Joy Harris, Jane Gordon, and Kristine Vick—gave me invaluable feedback, and I can’t thank them enough. Special thanks go to Deanne Klevander, for volunteering her very sharp eyes and organized mind. A collection of my colleagues also contributed to this project, with wit, advice, and support: Sandra Gutierrez, for Guatemalan recipe advice and more; Zoe Francois and Jeff Hertzberg, for their bread techniques; Tara M. Desmond, for support and almost- vegetarian things; Antonia Allegra, for constant inspiration; Jill O’Connor, Nancie McDermott, Cheryl Sternman Rule, and my IACP friends, for keeping me laughing—a very valuable thing. I am also grateful for all the wonderful cooking schools that have hosted my cooking classes and helped me get real food to the people.

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